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The Closet Mirror

SIDELINES The Closet Mirror

For the closet or bedroom short on space, SIDELINES offers the closet mirror. Fastening to a side wall or partition, this mirror uses only 3 inches of horizontal space, and pulls out on full extension, ball-bearing slides, swiveling ninety degrees to face you.

Dimensions: 48" h x 13½" w x ¾:" d
Adjustable height, fits any partition 14" deep or more. Universal left or right mount hardware. Easy to install with 8 screws in 5 minutes.

Closet Mirror Closet Mirror Closet Mirror

(3) at left shows The Closet Mirror in Oil Rubbed Bronze extended and swiveled ninety degrees.

Above shows a closeup of the mirror side view of hardware in retracted and stored position

Silver Mist - $189.88
Oil Rubbed Bronze - $199.88


This unique hide-away mirror features ingenious hardware that allows the mirror to slide out and pivot to a full-length display mirror. Attaches to your existing closet system quickly and easily. Tucks away with a smooth self closing action and recesses into your closet hanging space taking up no more than a single hanger space. Realizes a full body image at 24" and only occupies less than 3" of vertical space. Please allow for a minimum of 5¾" for swivel motion.


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