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Schluter Systems
Schluter Shower System

Schluter Systems

The Schluter®-Shower System is an integrated family of products forming a fully sealed system that is both waterproof and vapor tight. The system is unique because the waterproofing is installed on top of the backing materials rather than below. The assembly provides superior moisture management as it does not allow moisture to penetrate into the mortar bed or wall panels. This allows the assembly to dry completely between uses.

The Schluter®-Shower System eliminates leaks, prevents mold growth, and dramatically reduces total installation time to ensure success and make shower, steam shower, and bathtub surround installations easier than ever.

For more detailed information on any of their products it is highly recommended to go to their Web Site to see all of what they offer and they have plenty of instructions and information.

Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems Drainage  
Schluter Systems KERDI-DRAIN features a large bonding flange that ensures a secure watertight connection to the KERDI waterproofing membrane at the top of the assembly. The elegant, fully adjustable square grate minimizes awkward tile cuts and simplifies tile layout. A variety of finishes are available
Schluter Systems
Schluter Systems Shower System
Schluter Systems Schluter®-KERDI - Waterproof and vapor tight membrane
KERDI is a bonded waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder that is pliable, easy to install, and guarantees uniform thickness for reliable performance. KERDI is made of inorganic materials and effectively manages moisture by protecting the shower base and solid backing on walls from water and vapor penetration, making it the key to preventing mold growth within the system.
KERDI accessories

To seal the enclosure at complicated junctions such as floor/wall transitions, inside and outside corners, and pip protrusions, multiple accessories made of prefabricated sections of KERDI are available:

Schluter Systems
Schluter Systems
Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems Shower Substrates
Schluter®-Systems' prefabricated shower substrates provide a lightweight, easy-to-install alternative to those constructed of mortar and other building materials, and significantly reduce installation time. Shower niches, sloped shower trays, benches and curbs are available in a variety of formats to suit your installation needs.
Schluter Systems
Schluter Systems
Schluter Systems Finishing and Protection
Complete the installation

Schluter® profiles create a clean, finished look while protecting tile edges from damage. Profiles eliminate the need for messy caulking, resulting in a permanent, maintenance-free installation. Edging profiles finish and protect tile edges and outside corners. Several materials, colors and styles are available to help ensure you find a profile suiting your decor and installation needs.

Schluter Systems

Various KERDI waterproofing accessories are available. Use KERDI-BAND to seal butt joints or corner joints. KERDI-KERECK pre-formed seamless inside and outside corners and KERDI-SEAL-PS for sealing around pipes or KERDI-SEAL-MV seals mixing valve protrusions, and KERDI-DRAIN Assemblies. KERDI-TROWEL also available for installation of thin-set mortar.

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