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Spring Swing with Disc Seat

Spring Swing with Disc Seat

Children use Spring Swings as they would any ordinary swing, experiencing a whole new adventure in outdoor play!

For best use, children should touch their feet to the ground while sitting on the disc seat and create the bouncing motion by pushing up and down with their legs!

Spring Swings are extremely durable and reliable, and have been carefully designed and engineered with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Spring Swings meet or exceed ASTM standard consumer safety performance specifications for home and public use playground equipment. With normal use, Spring Swings will give years of pleasure and wholesome recreation, while enhancing positive self-esteem and providing healthful excercise.

Spring Swing with Disc Seat

  • Safe and Durable - conforms to ASTM standards / controlled bounce action, and manufactured with the highest quality components
  • Easy to Install - Includes all necessary components for attachment to swing set support beam. Does require additional 3/8" braided or twisted polyester rope (not included) for attachment from top of bounce adapter to a tree limb if that is what you are mounting it to. Would require hanger and hook if mounting to a playset beam.
  • Reliable - Performs time after time without adjustment
  • Easy Set-Up - Attaches quickly/securely to tree limb or swing set support beam
  • Hi-tech Design - Compression spring technology means excessive weight will not cause breakage, Spring Swing just won't bounce as well, or at all

Ages: 3 - 8 Years, 30 - 70 lbs. for optimum bounce performance and safety tested to 600 lbs.


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