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7410 - Gloss Natural
7415 - Gloss Cedar
7420 - Satin Natural
7425 - Satin Cedar

Premium Translucent Wood Finish (7400)

The highest form of protection found in nature comes in many layers. Trees produce layers of bark to protect the heart of the tree. Like an extra layer of bark, Premium Translucent Finish acts as an additional layer of protection and beauty for your real wood sided homes, trim, doors and fences. Premium Translucent Finish will beautify wood with a choice of four brilliant finishes. The long lasting results let you relax and enjoy your outdoor living space!


DUCKBACK® Premium Translucent Finish is for vertical wood such as siding, trim and doors. The durable and flexible alkyd resins provide superior water protection, while the highest quality transparent iron oxide pigments reflect harmful UV rays that fade and damage wood.

  • Two oil combination for a hard yet flexible finish that won't crack or peel
  • Use on bare wood or apply over stained surfaces
  • Two coats required for maximum performance
  • Satin finish for a moderate sheen
  • Gloss finish for a high shine "wet look"
  • For all seasons in all environments

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