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$192.99/5 gal
P-3 Peeling Paint Primer (4475)

Don’t let peeling paint stop you from refinishing old surfaces! With P-3 Peeling Paint Primer you can lock down peeling paint and re-coat the surface, adding years of life to old and damaged substrates. P-3 Primer may be applied to wood, metal, concrete, and stucco, and should only be top coated with high quality 100% acrylic latex paint or solid color stain such as Superdeck® Acrylic Solid Color Stain. P-3 Primer is water based, low in VOC, environmentally friendly with soap and water clean-up. P-3 Primer is the solution to old weathered peeling decks and siding surfaces, reducing the cost of painting by significantly extending the life of all latex paints and solid color stains. Stop the damage and start fresh with P-3!


DUCKBACK® P-3 Peeling Paint Primer is a 100% acrylic exterior elastomeric stabilizing primer with advanced adhesive technology specifically designed to lock down old peeling paint like glue. P-3 Primer’s glue-like adhesive properties acts as a super bonding agent for all top coat solid color paints and stains; effectively extending the life of the project.

  • Use on wood, concrete, stucco & metal
  • Stops peeling paint
  • Super bonding agent for top coats
  • Permanently flexible coating
  • Expands up to 300%
  • Breathable under all temperatures & humidity conditions
  • Stops most rust & tannin bleeding problems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soap & water clean up

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