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Food Waste Disposers
All of the Mountain PERFECT GRIND waste disposers feature Stainless Steel parts and are UL and CSA approved. Can also be used with properly sized septic systems.

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MT888-3CFWD3B Specifications
Model #: MT888-3CFWD3B
Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer
Continuous Feed 1-1/4 HP, 3-BOLT MOUNT


Whether you are in the market for a waste disposer for easy clean-up and reduced waste or to help out the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, having a high quality, high torque unit is the way to go. The Perfect Grind® is an incredible addition to any kitchen because it is so easy to use and its unparalleled quality will last for years to come. Both continuous and batch feed disposers are antimicrobial and have full sound insulation so they are whisper quiet and you don't need to worry about odor protection.

Motor Horsepower 1-1/4 H.P.
Motor Type Permanent Magnet
Feed Continuous
Voltage 110V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Motor Speed 2500 RPM
Hopper Capacity 29 oz
Balance Level GO.4
Sink Flange Stainless Steel
Stopper Stainless Steel
Drain Elbow ABS
Bearings Permantly Lubricated
Sleeve Type
Manual Reset Protector Protection for Overload
and Temp.

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