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The "Classic Mailbox Collection"

Classic Collection
Classic Mailbox
Gaines Manufacturing is proud to manufacture the finest mailboxes in the world. All of our models are constructed from aero-space grade aluminum and solid brass. The "Classic Mailbox Collection is a timeless and distinctive design.

Whether you look at the thickness of the brass, the innovative drain pipe surrounding the flag shaft or the powerful closure magnets on the mail door and locking access door ... one conclusion is apparent ... Gaines has gone to great lengths to insure that each model in the "Classic Mailbox Collection" is the best quality money can buy.

Classic Double Mount
Double Mount
The "Classic Face Plate" can be flush mounted or inset into a pilaster, column, or on a wall next to your front door (shown flush mounted). This model comes complete with a ten-inch deep aluminum mail storage can and lockable front access door. Available in all colors and with High Security option. Flag not available on this model.
Classic Face Plate
Face Plate

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