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"Classic Series"
"Classic Faceplate"

The "Classic Faceplate" can be flush mounted or inset into a pilaster, column, or on a wall next to your front door (shown below flush mounted). This model comes complete with a ten-inch deep aluminum mail storage can and lockable front access door. Available in all colors and with High Security option. Flag not available on this model.

Classic Face Plate

Classic Color Bar

Classic Face Plate

"Classic Faceplate"

Classic Color Bar

Polished Brass Accents

  Front Face   Aluminum Can
Height 13 1/8"   11 3/8"
Width 14 7/8"   13 1/8"
Depth 1"   10"
Weight (both pieces)    14 lbs.

Available on special order. Orders for Classic Faceplate placed at our store location are $299.00 with polished brass accents plus local sales tax. We will order it with a stock order, normally a 2-3 week turnaround time.

Orders placed online are also $299.00 which includes shipping, factory-direct to you!

"No one regrets buying the best"
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