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Address Plaque

Classic Address Plaque

The "Classic Address Plaque" is very easy to install and can be added to any "Classic Mailbox". All come complete with your personalized gold, bronze or silver vinyl numbers already installed on the plaque. Note that bronze vinyl is not intended for bronze or black plaques.

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Security Option Not Installed

Security Option Installed

Classic "High Security"

The standard "Mail" slot is large enough to accomodate small packages and bundles of mail. The "High Security" option restricts an unwanted hand from entering the box. One must order this option from the manufacturer; it cannot be added although it can be removed. Note the extra plate in the "Mail" opening on the lower picture at left.


Access Door
Each model has a lockable front access door; the access door should be left unlocked for mail pickup. Just be sure the flag is up!

"No one regrets buying the best"
Keystone Series Classic Series Classic Faceplate Classic Top Piece

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