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Installation Instructions
for Decks with 16" On Center Joist Spacing


Step 4 V-Panel Installation

4a - Measure, then cut each V-Panel 3" shorter than the joist to allow for drainage. Note: To prevent water from running back up the bottom side of the panel and Joist Cover, crimp the drainage ends of the V-Panel and Joist Cover downward with a pliers (Fig. M).

4b - First install the V-Panel that will be anchored in the Ledger F-Bracket by inserting one panel edge into one of the Joist Coverís outside brackets. Then, flex the panel to insert the opposite edge into the other Joist Cover bracket. Then push the rest of the V-Panel in place.

4c - To insert the V-Panel into the Ledger F-Bracket, place a putty knife in each corner where the Joist Cover outside bracket and Ledger F-Bracket overlap (Fig. N). Place a scrap piece of 2x4 lumber against the open edge of the V-Panel and tap with a hammer. NOTE: The 2x4 protects the V-Panel edge from damage. V-Panels must stop at the beam.

4d - To collect and drain away water an optional vinyl or aluminum gutter can be installed (see Step 6 - Gutter Installation).

Faced with a smaller joist opening?

4e - If the joist opening in Fig. A is less than 14 1/2", the V-Panel must be trimmed to 1/2" less than the joist opening dimension. Score one side of the V-Panel with a utility knife, then snap the extra panel width off. Should the joist opening be 12" or less, trim an equal amount of material from each side of the V-Panel.

4e - Use pliers to crimp the trimmed edges of the V-Panel downward every 6" along the cut line (Fig. O), to provide anchor notches when the V-Panel is installed in the Joist Cover Brackets.

Fig M
Figure M
Fig N
Figure N
Fig O
Figure O

STEP 5 - Best Practice Recommendation: Install Tin Flashing Under First Deck Boards
For best results, install tin flashing under the length of the two deck boards closest to the house (Fig. P). This will assure that water is pushed out into the V-Panels below.
Fig P
Figure P

STEP 6 - Gutter Installation

An optional gutter and downspout can be installed with DrySpace. Gutters must be installed at support beams to collect water from the V-Panels. Each project will have different requirements. The most common installations are shown in Figs. Q and R. A gutter can also be installed along the ledger board to collect water from between the ledger board and house, and between the ledger board and joist ends. Standard vinyl or aluminum gutters and downspouts can be used.
NOTE: Gutter, downspout and accessories are not included with the DrySpace system.

Fig Q
Figure Q
Fig R
Figure R

Limited Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that this product will not peel, blister, pit, flake, crack, or corrode as a result of manufacturing defects, or as a result of exposure to ocean air (salt spray). Should any of this occur, the manufacturer will provide replacement product. Minor dripping may occur. (Patent # 6,393,785)

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