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AZEK Porch Installation Guide
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Installation Preparation

Azek Porch

Follow these guidelines for best porch installation:

  • Avoid storing AZEK Porch in areas of excessive heat
  • Prior to installation, make sure joists are structurally sound, free of nails and spaced at a maximum of 16 center to center.
  • For new construction, space joists at 16 on center maximum and slope the joists away from the house at ¼ per foot.
  • If installing porch plank at 45 angle, space joists at 12 on center.
  • AZEK Porch has a maximum span of 16 on center.
  • Ensure that all joists are crowned correctly and that all joists are level across the top as AZEK Porch will conform to the surface contour of the substructure.
  • Be sure to install suffi cient wood blocking below areas where railing posts will be installed.
  • Provide proper structural support below AZEK Porch where load bearing columns are present.
  • Items related to stair construction, structural framing or any other general construction questions should be reviewed with the local code authority, engineer, or architect.
  • All porch framing and substructure should be securely attached to ground footings and/or building structure. No floating substructures should be used.


  • Listed are several suggested fastening methods. Additional fastening methods may exist for AZEK Porch.
  • Minimum #7 x 2 305 stainless steel trim head screw with #17 drill point.
  • When using a pneumatic flooring nailer, we suggest using barbed/serrated 2 stainless steel cleat T nails or L cleats.
  • Please contact fastener manufacturer to ensure availability, compatibility, and proper use with AZEK Porch.

Expansion and Contraction

  • When fastened properly, AZEK Porch will demonstrate minimal changes due to expansion and contraction. The expansion and contraction encountered may result in slight gaps which might be noticed at the ends of boards or in splice joints. Best practice is to cut and fasten AZEK Porch boards as soon after cutting as possible.
  • Install the boards together tightly at splices or miters.
  • Be sure to fasten ends of boards, splices, or abutments to building or structure securely into framing using a screw which is positioned within ½ of each board end or joint.
  • Expansion and contraction are most significant where extreme temperature change may exist.
  • For best results, stagger splices and miters across the porch surface so that all splices and miters do not break on the same joist.
  • To further minimize expansion and contraction, proper ventilation and air flow should be considered.


  • AZEK Porch is one-sided with the grain side up for the walking surface.
  • Install starting board with grooved edge against the house or on the outside edge of the porch if the boards will run perpendicular to the house.
  • Attach the starting board by first installing fasteners down through the board at the edge nearest the groove.
  • Then attach at each joist by driving a fastener through the tongue at the approximate angle shown in Diagram 1.
  • Fasteners should seat approximately 1/16 into the surface of the product above the tongue as shown to allow for complete insertion of the next board.

Azek Porch
Azek Porch


  • Install the next board by inserting the grooved edge over the exposed tongue on the starting board. It may be necessary to apply light pressure to ensure the board is engaged completely to minimize irregularity in top seam.
  • After board is fully engaged onto the starting board, drive fasteners through the tongue at each joist as shown in Diagram 2. Remember to countersink the fasteners slightly to provide necessary clearance when installing the next board.

Azek Porch


  • Continue to add boards per step 2 until outer edge of porch is reached.
  • Final board may require removal of tongue or rip cutting to a necessary width. Use a table saw or circular saw to accomplish this. Attach the last board by face fastening through the top or toe fasten along the outer edge.

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