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Rail Lighting Installation Guide
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Installing Post Mounted Accent Light

  1. Accent Light wire channel must be during the installation of the Post Sleeve. The Post Sleeve and the wood post must be prepared in advance to accomodate installation of the Accent Light. (No post perparation is necessary for the 5½" Post Sleeves.)
  2. If a Post Skirt is used, install it over the wood post before installing the Post Sleeve. You will not be able to install Post Skirt after Post Sleeve and Accent Light are in place.
  3. Remove Accent Light cover from Accent Light Back Plate by loosening Set Screw located at bottom of Accent Light Cover.
  4. Prepare the Post Sleeve in the following manner:
    • Cut the Post Sleeve to the desired length.
    • Determine the height the Accent Light will be mounted.
    • Mark the location of the wire hole and the mounting screw holes using the template provided on the instructions that come with the product.
    • Drill a 3/8" hole for the wire and drill two 7/64" holes for the mounting screws.
  5. Route the Accent Light wire through the Back Plate then through the wire hole in the Post Sleeve then invert the Post Sleeve and allow the wire to extend out the top end of the Post Sleeve.
  6. Hold the Accent Light Back Plate loosely in position and slide the Post Sleeve over the wood post and into the Post Skirt. Make sure the wire is in the routed wire channel.
  7. Attach the Accent Light Back Plate to the post using two #8 x ¾" screws provided.
  8. Re-install Accent Light Cover and secure with Set Screw with Allen Wrench.
  9. Trim excess wire and make wiring connections.



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