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Azek Deck
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Azek Decking

Basic Installation

Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation
16" Centers
This completed deck substructure is ready for installation (Refer to illustration below)

12" Centers
Use 12" on center for commercial applications.

Azek Deck Installation
Set and Square
Set the first deck plank on the substructure and square the plank to the framing. Notice how the ends of the planks overhang the edge of the framing.

NOTE: You may also cut your planks to their exact length prior to installing. If you choose to do this, it is recommended that you fasten the planks as soon after cutting as possible, as large temperature swings may cause unattached planks to expand or contract. (See Chart A on Expansion/Contraction)

Screw Depth
Countersink your screws as shown above. Adjust the depth on your driver to drive the screw to a depth of 1/32" to 1/16" below the top surface of the plank. For best results, the screws should slightly penetrate the surface, similar to installing drywall.
Screw Spacing
When fastening, always position screws 3/4" to 1" from the end of the plank. Azek Deck planks should not split or crack if screws are closer to the edge.
Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation
No Pre-Drilling
Drive screws through the plank as shown above. Use two screws per joist to secure properly.
Board Spacing
Use a spacer to create a gap of 1/8" to 1/4" maximum between each plank. This will allow for proper drainage of moisture and dirt that acculmulates on the surface.
Board Spacing (continued)
Continue fastening and spacing each plank as directed until the surface has been covered. Other methods of spacing may be used such as ceramic tile spacers or using the edge of a square as shown above.
Use a jigsaw to easily cut around obstructions such as posts for railings as shown above.
Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation Azek Deck Installation
Cutting Preparation
Check to make sure that each plank is fastened securely along its entire length. Allow the deck plank to overhang the rim-joist a maximum of 1/8", use a chalk line to mark the location in order to cut the planks to length. This will insure proper rim joist cover fit.
Cutting Planks to Length
Use a circular saw with a fine-toothed carbide-tipped finish trim blade to cut off the edges of the overhanging planks. A 20-grit diamond tipped blade with a miter saw can also be used.
Installing Rim Joist Cover
Apply an exterior grade construction glue to the back of the rim joist cover. Be careful not to get glue on the deck surface. Miter cutting the corners will eliminate exposed edges.
Rim Joist Cover
Use Procell's rim joist cover (fascia) to cover the face of the rim joist and the edge of the deck planks. Attach using screws roughly 12" on center.

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