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General Information

Azek Decking

General Information

Material Requirements Start by calculating the square footage of your deck surface. Once you know this number, take it and divide by 5.5 for 12' planks, 7.33 for 16' planks and 9.167 for 20' planks (These numbers represent the total square footage for the 12', 16' and 20' Azek Deck planks). When calculating the amount of decking you will need, it is recommended that you add roughly 3% to the total for a scrap factor.

Length x Width = Total Square Footage
Square Footage divided by 5.5(12'), 7.33(16') or 9.167(20') = Planks Needed (Round up)
Planks Needed + 3% (Scrap Factor) = Final Number of Planks Needed (Round up)

NOTE: You will need approximately 3.54 fasteners per 1 square foot of decking when using 16" centers. You will need approximately 4.64 fasteners per 1 square foot of decking when using 12" centers.

Remember that if you are attaching the planks at an angle, you will likely generate more scrap from cutting, so more material may be required. A drawing to scale may help you determine how much more plank material will be required.

Fasteners Color-matched stainless steel fasteners are available. There are many types of fasteners available including those designed for composite decking, which may be used. When selecting an alternative fastener, please insure that the following requirements are met: Stainless Steel Composition; Minimum Screw Size: #7; Minimum Length: 2¼".
Tools Required Azek Deck can be installed with a minimum number of readily available tools. There are, however, many other tools available to contractors that can provide even greater efficiency and ease of installation. The following chart shows some of the basic tool requirements:

  Circular Saw   Cordless Driver   Carpenter Square  
  Chalk Line   Spacing Tools   Tape Measure  

A power miter saw and jigsaw can also be very helpful during installation. Use the jigsaw to cut around obstructions such as posts. Self-feeding screw guns can be used to drive screws properly with minimal physical effort. It is recommended that you use a circular saw with a fine-toothed carbide-tipped finish trim blade or a 20-grit diamond blade to achieve the neatest cuts. Safety glasses should be used during the entire installation process.

Preparation Proper joist spacing is required for proper installation. Check to make sure that the joist spacing on your substructure does not exceed 16" center-to-center (12" for commercial applications). If tearing off existing decking material first, check to see that all joists are level, structurally sound and that there are no nails or screws protruding.

If you plan to run decking planks on a 45-degree angle such as a herringbone pattern, the joists should not exceed 12" center- to-center. As always, all supports for attaching railings should be in place before installing your planks. Azek Deck products should not be used for railing supports.

Azek Deck Installation   Illustration A
Azek Deck Installation
  Illustration B
Azek Deck Installation
  Illustration C
Azek Deck Installation
Basic Installation Substructure
16" on center max. (12" for commercial applications) joists.
Picture Frame Installation Substructure
16" on center max. (12" for commercial applications) joists plus additional support for the picture frame structure.
Diagonal Installation Substructure
12" on center max joists.

Basic Installation Installation Guidelines Picture Frame Installation

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