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TREX® Rail Lighting Installation Guidelines

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General Information
>> ALWAYS consult local codes before begining a project.
>> ALWAYS USE TREX TRANSFORMER ONLY. Use of any other transformer voids warranty.

Type of Light
5A Transformer
2.5A Transformer
Post Cap
Deck Rail
Above listing is for maximum number of individual types of lights. If mixing and matchin lighting, contact Trex to determine if more than one transformer is required.

When designing your deck, plan locations of lights, power supply, timer and dimmer. These should be accessible for service. Installing a GFCI outlet is REQUIRED to help prevent damage to lighting from electrical surges.
TREX Transcend

  1. The dimmer remote will work in a 30' radius of the unit
  2. Dimmer should be installed in a dry location
  3. Timer must be installed vertically with receptacle facing downwards. Timer must be at least 1' from ground level when installed as per federal safety code height regulations. Timer must be in view of the sun to use the dusk/dawn feature.

    Installing Wiring
    It is recommended to install wiring and splitters before decking and railing have been installed.
    >> Use male-to-male wire (lengths vary) that will connect to each required splitter.

    TREX Transcend

    1. Wiring must be run under decking structure and behind strings. DO NOT run wires between deck boards and joists. Staple to frame with cable staples at least ¼" wide. DO NOT crush wire insulation with staple.
      TREX Rail TREX Rail

    2. Wiring can be run under deck and behind risers. Staple to frame with cable staples at least ¼" wide. DO NOT crush wire insulation with staple.
    3. Remove 5' lead wire that is connected to post cap and attach wire to post with male connection at top of post where railing brackets or deck rail lights will be installed. Leave approximately 6" of lead at top to make connections. Staple to frame and posts with cable staples at least &fracc14;" wide. DO NOT crush wire insulation with staple.
Making Connections


  1. Install splitters to inside of framing using hardware provided. Install at every post base where lighting is present and depending on spacing between each riser and recessed light. TREX Rail
  2. Attach male lead from lights to female connections on splitter. Also attach male-to-male connection wires in between each splitter. Continue until all wiring from lights are attached to splitters and connector wires are attached in between splitters. TREX Rail
  3. Cap off all unused female connections on splitters using caps provided or weather-resistant silicone.

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TREX Transcend
Transcend Rail available in many colors

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