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5ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 60ft connection/extension wires sold separately (these are male to male connection wires).



NOTE: All wiring and splitters are mounted to inside of framing, picture is just representation of where to place these in general.

NOTE: Avoid railing brackets and locations for deck rail lights when running wires up posts.

NOTE: It is recommended to install wiring and splitters before decking and railing is installed. DO NOT run wires between joists and deck boards.

>> Leave slack in wire to make fixture terminations.
>> Recessed Lights work well spaced 4' to 6' on center around perimeter of deck.
>> Deck Rail Lights work well at changes in levels of a deck - at the top or bottom of stairs, or in conjunction with post cap lights.
>> Riser Lights should be placed giving consideration to local codes. If codes do not exist, assess adequate number and placement via darkness evaluation prior to drilling.
>> Drill holes perpendicular to the surface, being careful to avoid producing an enlarged hole. If hole is enlarged, light fixture will have a loose fit. Use of a flexible outdoor semi-permanent adhesive (silicone caulk) may be required to anchor light in place.
>> Riser and deck rail holes can be through holes. However, recessed light holes should be drilled to a depth of ¾". Over-drilled recessed light holes will require the use of silicone caulk to anchor light in place.
>> Splitters should be used at each postthat has lights and depending on spacing in betwee each riser and recessed light.
>> Cap all unused female conections with caps provided or weather resistant silicone to prevent water damage or corrosion.
>> The Splitter is cross linked so there is no specified plug for lights versus lead wires.
>> Leads attached to each light are approximately 5' to 6' in length and have male terminals to plug into splitter.
>> Use a separate Dimmer Control for each light type for maximum control.
>> It is recommended to have power source attached when installing lights to ensure all components work.

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