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Rail Lighting Installation Guide

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Rail Lighting Installation Guide
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Transformer Connections

Consult the instructions provided with the transformer for additional information.

Power is supplied to the lighting fixtures via 16/2AWG wires connected to the provided transformer. One side of the 16/2AWG wire is connected to the common terminal (C), the other side is connected to an output terminal. One side of the 16/2AWG wire contains raised ridges to allow for easy identification. The maximum recommended load for the transformer is 90 watts.

Transformer Connections


Dimmer Instructions

Install the Dimmer next to the LED Transformer. Use the provided 10' wire and water-tight connector to connect the Dimmer to main run of wire.

To use the Dimmer, turn the LED Transformer to a setting that turns the lighting on when desired. To dim the lights, press the button on the remote or on the Dimmer until the desired brightness is achieved.

Recommended load for the Dimmer is between 20-90 watts.


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Rail Lighting

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