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Rail Lighting Installation Guide

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Rail Lighting Installation Guide
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Post & Rail Preparation

5"x5" Post Cap Light RadianceRail
Post & Sleeves

(The following instructions are for a rail height of 36")
  1. Trim 4x4 wood posts 2½" shorter than the finished Post Sleeve length.
  2. Trim Post Sleeves to length: 39-40" for a lit post, 2½" longer for unlit post.

    For best results, use a miter saw with a fine toothed blade to make Post Sleeve cuts. Check cuts for square.

  3. Feed main 16/2AWG cable between post and Post Sleeve.



  1. Install support rails and balusters as normal, DO NOT install top rail yet.
  2. Drill a 5/8" hole through the Post Sleeve on centerline, directly above rail Mounting Blocks.

  3. After running all wiring, secure four Cable Guides to Support Rail using #8x¾" screws. Use the Cable Guides to pre-drill holes thru the Support Rail with a 7/64" bit.
    TimberTech TimberTech

  4. Make a notch on the centerline of the Top Rail by boring a ¾" hole centered ½" back from the end of the rail, then cut it out to form an open slot.

  5. Attach Top Rails before installation of Post Cap Lights. Use the holes that were pre-drilled through the Cable Guides to attach the Top Rail. FAILURE TO USE THESE HOLES MAY RESULT IN WIRE DAMAGE.

Installing Post Cap Light

Post Lamps must be installed after the rail assembly has been completed

  1. Install the lens onto the post sleeve as shown below.
  2. Remove the Post Lamp Cover from the Post Lamp Bottom Housing
  3. Trim excess wire length and make wiring connections to 16/2AWG main cable and other 18/2AWG luminary wires. Check to confirm polarity of main cable connections.
  4. Coil the connected wires inside the Post Sleeve and insert the Post Lamp Bottom Housing into the Lens. Check to make sure no wires are exposed or pinched between Lens and Bottom Housing. TimberTech
  5. Install the mounting screws and washers as shown. Watch as screws are installed to ensure that wires are clear of screw tip prior to driving them into the wood post. Tighten only until the silicone washer begins to compress. Over-tightening could break the Bottom Housing causing permanent damage.
  6. Re-install Post Lamp Cover and screws.
  7. For 5x5; (Includes Gasket) Rotate Gasket for desired fit of Post Cap
  8. For 4x4; (includes Gasket) Set Gasket centered on Post Lamp Cover
  9. Install Post Cap onto Post Lamp Cover


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