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TimberTech Decking Installation Guidelines

TimberTech Decking Installation Guidelines

Important Information

  • TimberTech planks are intended to be installed embossed side up. The unembossed surface is not to be used as a walking surface. This applies to all decking surfaces.
  • In areas with obstructed airflow such as roofs and on-grade applications, a minimum of 1½" sleeper system supported by and connected to substructure over which the deck is built is required.
  • To aid water run-off, the deck should slope ½" for every 8' away from the house.

Standard Joist Spacing

Earthwood Evolutions, Terrain, Legacy
90° Angle
30° Angle
45° Angle

Special conditions will require an engineering inspection and/or reduced spans.
Always consult local building codes.

Solid Plank Installation Instructions

  • Install from the outside edge of the deck and work towards the house.
  • Fasten ¾" from the outside edge of each plank, using two screws per joist including end joints.
  • See Gapping Requirements
  • The ends of a plank must fall on a joist. Always double joists at butt seams. Do not toe screw deck planks as this will cause splitting.
  • Always install fasteners perpendicular to plank surface and drive flush. Do not overdrive or splitting and mushrooming may occur.
  • Pre-drilling is required when within 1½" of the ends of the plank and for temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit to avoid end splitting and screw shear.

TOPLoc Face Fasteners are recommended for best results. Further instructions available in TOPLoc package.


Directional Notch
Earthwood Evolutions

Some TimberTech product surfaces are directional in manner. A notch has been added to one side of the planks. When installing planks, this marked edge must be laid to the same side for the entire installation for a consistent appearance. If you rip a piece be sure to note the location of the bevel of the ripped piece to ensure consistency.


Stair Installation
Earthwood Evolutions
TimberTech does not recommend installing planks on steps without a riser board.

  • Stairs should be constructed per local code requirements.
  • Ensure the stringer step is at least the depth of two full planks plus a 1/8" to 3/16" gap between planks.
  • See Gapping Requirements
  • Ensure there is at least one stringer for support in the middle of the stair span.

TimberTech Stair Stringer Spacing Chart
Maximum Spacing
Earthwood Evolutions Tropical & Legacy
Earthwood Evolutions Terrain
When used as a veneer

Earthwood Evolutions Terrain must be used as a veneer in a stair tread application. See figure below.


CONCEALoc Clips Installation

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Radiance Rail

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