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TimberTech Decking Installation Guidelines

TimberTech Decking Installation Guidelines

Fastening Methods

Using screws with proper installation of TimberTech Fascia provides the best long-term holding. TimberTech recommends TimberTech TOPLoc Fascia Fasteners for best results. Refer to gapping requirements for proper installation.

For Use with TOPLoc Fascia Fasteners

Using the TOPLoc Fascia Bit, pre-drill 2" from the top and bottom alternating a maximum of 12". It is recommended that the screws are evenly spaced for the best look.


  • Set fascia in place being sure to follow proper gapping requirements.
  • Drive TOPLoc fascia fastener 90 degrees with the fascia surface so that the screw head is flush with the surface. Do not completely torque down screw; screw should serve as a hanging mechanism to allow for expansion and contraction in the fascia.
  • Continue fastening in the pattern described being sure to work left to right or right to left. This will ensure flatness in the fascia.

TimberTech Solid Planks

TimberTech recommends the use of TimberTech TOPLoc Face Fasteners for solid plank installations. Pre-drilling is required when within 1-1/2" of the ends of the plank and for temperature below 45 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid splitting and screw shear. Alternate fasteners are stainless steel or high quality coated composite screws.

Decking Boards

Use TOPLoc Face Fasteners or a minimum of #8 x 2½" Stainless Steel or other high quality coated composite screws.

Fastener Mushrooming

This may occur when a non-composite deck screw is driven into the decking. It can be greatly reduced or eliminated by using a screw designed for composite lumber. If mushrooming occurs, lightly tap the material back into the hole on all planks, except Earthwood Evolutions. When installing Earthwood Evolutions, using TOPLoc reduces the chance of mushrooming. If using alternative fasteners or other composite screws, it is recommended to pre-dimple the plank by drilling a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the screw head and as deep as the screw head before driving.

Use of any alternative fastener does not void the TimberTech warranty; however, if a decking failure is caused by using one of these alternative fastening methods, any corresponding claims will be denied.



Fasteners should be installed perpendicular to the deck surface and driven flush; do not overtighten or splitting may occur. Always double joists at butt seams. Do not toe screw as this will cause splitting.

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