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Proper Installation is a key
element in achieving the best performance from any material, including Western red cedar. As a premium, weather-friendly wood that is naturally durable with no toxic chemicals, Western red cedar has decades of proven performance in all climates as well as a well-deserved reputation for attractive appearance.
These quick tips can help you ensure a successful job. More comprehensive information is available online at the WRCLA Website. Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
Cedar Siding Installation

Starting with the bottom course work up with the groove facing down to ensure weather tight fit. Nail 1½" into the stud. Siding up to 6 inches wide in normal weather conditions can be toe nailed as shown in this diagram.

In vertical application, start at one corner with grooved edge toward the adjacent wall. Use a level or plumbline to ensure that the first board is installed vertically. The grooved edge of the first board may have to be trimmed to ensure a flush fit.

Cedar Siding Installation Windy or extreme weather conditions usually requires two nails as shown in the diagram. Blind nail siding by toe nailing in tongue and add one face nail to secure the siding.
Cedar Siding Installation Siding wider than 6 inches requires two face nails to adequately secure the tongue and groove product. The nails should be spaced 2½" - 3" apart and should penetrate 1½" into solid wood
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