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We stock a deep line of Johnson Hardware, which is a Professional Grade of Sliding, Folding and Pocket Door Frames, Tracks and Hardware.

#153068PF K.D. Pocket Door Frame

The 1500 Series is a heavy duty pocket door frame designed to carry heavy doors. The 1500 features Johnson's 'jump proof' 100 Series box track and heavy gauge steel wrapped split studs for maximum strength and wall rigidity. The 1500 is packaged 'knocked down' for convenient job-site delivery and storage. The 1500 Pocket Door Frame can be assembled in minutes and is designed for fast installation in standard 2 x 4 timber/steel frame constructed walls typically sheeted with drywall. Frames can be adapted for use in thicker walls and all frames can be cut down to fit smaller size doors.

#153068PF is set for a 36" x 80" door, from 1" to 1-3/8" thick (1-3/4" w/adapter kit) door to 125 lbs. Add 1125 Hangers for doors up to 200 lbs. 2 Frames can be joined together with the 1555 Converging Kit. Includes wood header with removable aluminum track with convex rails for smooth quiet operation, rust resistant steel reinforced wood split studs, jump proof three wheel (1" dia.) hangers, self-adjusting floor anchors, marked header to cut for smaller door size. Brass-tone steel parts.



Johnson Hardware
Johnson Hardware
Rough Opening:
Door Width x 2 + 1" (i.e. for 36" door opening is 73")
Door Height + 4-1/2" (i.e. 80" door opening is 84-1/2")
Where a "traditional" swinging door takes up valuable floor and wall space, Johnson Hardware'sŪ Pocket Door Hardware literally "fits right in" to solve room planning problems.
conventional door
Johnson Hardware
pocket door
Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware
single pocket door
Johnson Hardware
converging pocket doors

Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware
#100 Track

Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware

Available Accessories

Johnson Hardware
1125 Ball Bearing Hanger

Johnson Hardware
1555 Converging Kit

Johnson Hardware
1575 1¾" Adapter

Johnson Hardware
15213 Pocket Latch

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