2378 Hanger

Johnson Interior Door Hardware
#2376PPK2 Single Wheel Sliding Door Hanger 1/16" Offset


Johnson Hardware

We stock a deep line of Johnson Hardware, which is a Professional Grade of Sliding, Folding and Pocket Door Frames, Tracks and Hardware.

#2376PPK2 Single Wheel Sliding Door Hanger 1/16" Offset

Universal Hanger for Bypass Hardware, use with Acme, Alliance, Crawford, Cox, Endura and Stanley "V" Tracks. Always replace hangers in pairs. 7/8" Wheel Diameter, replaces most any hanger using a "V" style. 1/16" Offset, pairs with 2378 3/8" Offset Hanger. Screw hole patterns in the Johnson hanger will be different than the old hanger, fill door holes with putty or filler and refinish as desired. 2 in a package, with mouting screws.



Johnson Hardware
1/16" Offset
Johnson Hardware
3/8" Offset
2336 - 1/16" Offset
3/4" diameter V-Wheel for Sterling, M-D, National, Lawrence and Grant also
Johnson Hardware
Johnson Hardware

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