Johnson Interior Door Hardware
#138F Bypss Sliding Door Hardware for 1-3/8" Doors


Johnson Hardware

We stock a deep line of Johnson Hardware, which is a Professional Grade of Sliding, Folding and Pocket Door Frames, Tracks and Hardware.

#138F Bypss Sliding Door Hardware for 1-3/8" Doors   Also available for 1-3/4" Doors
Johnson Hardware Precision extruded aluminum bypass track features line-design fascia to hide finger marks and scratches or to hold paint if desired. 3-wheel hangers with 1" dia. wheels ride smoothly and quietly on convex shaped rails with single point contact. Hangers feature a quick disconnect clip system facilitating easy mounting or dismounting of door panels. Hangers rated for doors up to 125 lbs.
Opening width should be twice the door width less 1". Opening height is door height plus 2-3/8". Optional 1125 Hangers can be used for doors up to 200 lbs. 134F for 1-3/4" Thick Doors also available.

Packaged with an 6' track that can be cut to the needed length, 2 - 1120 Hangers, Adjustable Door Guide, Door Stop, 2 - Door Pulls, Installation Wrench and Hardware plus detailed instructions.



Johnson Hardware
6' Track Dimensions
Comes with:
Johnson Hardware
Johnson Hardware
2 - 1120 Hanger
Johnson Hardware
Johnson Hardware
Door Pulls
Johnson Hardware
Door Stop
Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware
Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware

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