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E-Z Mender™, FPBM44

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Simpson Strong-Tie Products


E-Z Mender™   12ga.

E-Z Mender
E-Z Mender
$19.99 pair

E-Z Mender

Black Powder Coat Finish. Allows for easy repair of rotted or damaged 4x4 wood posts installed in concrete or dirt. Also can reinforce weakened wood posts without having to replace the post or the concrete. Remove dirt or debris from around the existing post. Drive the mender plate down along the post between the post and the dirt or concrete, ensuring that the plates are driven 11" into the ground for full penetration. Repeat on opposite side of the post. Fasten to the post using double-barrier coat or hotdip galvanized SDS screws, lag screws or bolts. Fill the hole around the post with concrete. E-Z Mender E-Z Mender

Replacing an entire fence can be an expensive and difficult task. Simpson Strong-Tie offers a line of products designed to help make repairing and reinforcing fence posts easy and economical. The E-Z Spike™, E-Z Mender™ and E-Z Base™ offer simple solutions for all types of fence post projects.
E-Z Base E-Z Mender E-Z Spike E-Z Spike

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