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Easy Track

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3.   Assemble Unit, continued

Lift assembled section onto the track and position it. Make sure that the vertical panels are located within 3" of a screw attached to a stud or a toggle bolt (from step two). If they are not, reposition assembled section or add screws and toggle bolts. Figure 6.

Position outside vertical panels on the track.

Determine the desired location of wardrobe rods. Push the rod ends tightly against the vertical panels and snap wardrobe rods into place. Figure 6a.

If adding additional shelves, determine the desired location. Push shelf pins into the vertical panels and position the shelf. Figure 6b.



Before cutting anything, install desired wardrobe rods and shelves in the section that will not need to be cut down. Measure the width of the remaining section for the wardrobe rod. Allow ¼" for the rod ends when determining the length, a tight fit is important. Cut the rods to the correct size using a hacksaw.

If cutting the shelves, measure the back and front, as the side wall may be bowed. Cut shelves using a circular saw or table saw using a quality carbide blade, or a hand saw.

For extra stability on vertical panels, screw the plastic rod end to the vertical panel. Drill a 1/8" hole through the rod end and secure with a #6 x ½" zinc screw. This will prevent the panels from spreading. Figure 6a.

Easy Track Installation

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