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Easy Track

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2.   Attach Track, continued

For holes marked for toggle bolts, drill a ½" hole through wallboard. Hold the metal channel flat along side the plastic straps and slide the channel through hole. Figure 4a.

With one hand, pull the ring so the metal channel rests flush behind the wall, as you slide the plastic cap along the straps with the other hand until the flange of the cap is flush with the wall. Figure 4b.



Place thumb between plastic straps. Push side to side, snapping off the straps at the wall. Figure 4c.

Insert toggle bolt through the hole in the track and tighten until flush with the wall. Minimum clearance behind the wall is 1 7/8". Figure 4d.

For Other Wall Types:
For cement, block, or other type of wall, use a suitable wall anchor.

Easy Track Installation
Assemble Unit

Note: If drawers or doors will be added to the unit, determine their location before securing fixed shelves.

Position two of the vertical panels for the 24" wide center section on the floor as shown. Attach two shelves to the vertical panels using the #8 x 50mm screws. We recommend using the 9th hole from the top and the 11th hole up from the bottom for maximum strength and flexibility. Figure 5.

Tap white screw covers onto screw heads with a hammer.

Easy Track Installation
  Easy Track Installation

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