Band-It Real Wood Veneer and Edging
Band-It Real Wood Veneer and Edging In stock at Fox



Band-It Pre-Glued Iron On Edging Instructions

Band-It Edging Instructions
Band-It Edging Instructions

Prepare Surface Edge

  • Fill any large holes
  • Sand rough spots
  • Remove sawdust
  • Cut edging ½" longer than surface to be covered.
Band-It Edging Instructions

Apply Edging

  • Preheat iron on "cotton" (low) setting
  • Position edging
  • Slowly press iron over length of edging
  • Check to see if glue is melting

NOTE: Use kraft paper or aluminum foil to protect iron bottom
Band-It Edging Instructions


  • While still hot, press edging down firmly with wood block or roller
  • Mistake? Simply reheat and reapply
Band-It Edging Instructions

Trim Edge

  • Allow edging to cool completely
  • Trim excess with Band-It Edge Trimmer or utility knife
  • Sand wood veneer smooth and finish as desired

NOTE: Melamine is prefinished ... no need to sand or finish


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