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Stabila Levels

Stabila 196 Series

Item # Description Price Order
196-24 24" Level $62.79
196-48 48" Level $104.99

Type 196 Levels

  • Crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy tolerance.
  • Spring steel hairline indicators in vials.
  • Best frame strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Removable rubber end caps for scribing in corners and for reading tight header and sill openings.
  • Rubber end caps grip walls and do not leave marks.
  • Metal Hang hole for storing level on site.
  • Large comfortable rubber hand holes.
  • Strong, wide frame.
  • Vials are guaranteed for life.

Stabila Stabila

Stabila Plate Level Stabila Plate Level
#33610    6ft to 10ft Plate Level

  • Extends 6ft to 10ft
  • Fully sealed solid rail (six sided) extension eliminates deflection, and delivers the smoothest extension movement available
  • Top plumb via is permanently positioned at eye level
  • Frame side opposite the stand-offs is a level measuring surface and straight edge
  • Certified accuracy in normal reading positions: 1/32" over 72"
  • Vials are guaranteed for life never to fog, leak or require adjustment.

Item # Description Price Order
33610 6'-10' Plate Level $237.29

Stabila Plate Level

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