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Chalk & Chalk Line Reels


Irwin Tools
Chalk & Chalk Line Reels

Irwin Chalk
6oz Dust-Off Chalk
$2.29 ea.

Irwin Chalk

5 lb (gallon) Blue or Red
$8.99 ea.

  8 oz Dust Off Chalk
  • Interior use
  • Eliminates need for primer before painting
  • Cleanly wipes off smooth and rough surfaces

Irwin Chalk

  • High visibility chalk for self chalking line reels
  • For use on a variety of surfaces including wood, drywall, concrete, stone, and metal
  • Permanent colors, especially black and red, produce long lasting lines that won't fade
  • Chalk containers are filled by weight, not volume

Irwin Chalk
Assorted 8oz Chalk

8 oz Flourescent Green or Flourescent Orange
$2.39 ea.

8 oz Black
$1.39 ea.

8 oz White, Blue, Yellow, or Red
$1.39 ea.

Choosing the Right Color Chalk

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