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Cable Rail
CableRail Standard Assemblies Make Measuring,
Ordering, and Installing a Breeze

Frame Design & Cable Installation Checklist

    Review manufacturer's instructions & recommendations.
  • Consult local building department.
  • Plan optimal position for all end and corner posts.
  • Space posts and verticals a maximum of 3 feet apart.
  • Secure posts to cap rail and deck structure.
  • Use proper post sizing for all end and corner posts.
  • Space cables a maximum of 3 inches apart.
  • Do not exceed maximum run lengths.

Prefabricated Cable Assembly Kits

CableRail by Feeney prefabricated cable assembly kits are standardized and contain all of the components, fittings, and hardware necessary for assembly and installation. Kits are available in a variety of cable diameters and lengths.


The cable used in prefabricated cable assembly kits is 1x19 construction (one strand of 19 wires) type 316 stainless steel strand for strength, durability, and weather protection . It’s smooth to the touch, visually attractive, and highly resistant to abrasion. Assemblies in 1/8" cable are designed to replaced commonly used metal or wood railing balusters.
Cable Rail   Cable Rail

The Fittings

Each cable assembly comes with a threaded terminal fitting on one end and a field installed automatic-locking Quick-Connect® fitting for the other end.

The threaded terminal end comes already factory attached (swaged) to one end the cable. It’s then fastened to an end post using a flat washer and a nut, and the line is tensioned by spinning and torquing the nut. The threaded terminal is available 7-˝ inches long for wood posts.
Cable Rail Cable Rail

The automatic-locking Quick-Connect® fitting attaches to the cable by hand in the field without special tools. One-way jaws allow the cable to easily slide through in one direction but automatically grab and lock-on when the cable is released. The cable is slipped through the fitting and pulled taut; any excess is then trimmed off.

Both fittings are then capped and finished with colored or stainless steel end caps.
Cable Rail Cable Rail


Cable Rail

Stainless Protector Sleeves protect the wood corner and stairway transition post holes from cable abrasion.

Cable Rail

Stainless Beveled Washers provide a flat bearing surface for end fittings on angled holes at stair end posts.

Cable Rail End Caps(stainless or colored) are a decorative option for covering and finishing the threaded terminal and automatic locking connector fittings.

CableRail Overview

CableRail by Feeney Step-by-Step Installation


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