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Cable Rail
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Wood Frame Requirements

Railing frames need to be designed and built strong enough to support the tension of properly installed cables, which is a load in excess of 300 lbs for each cable. Here are some basic guidelines to help you properly prepare your railing frames. These guidelines apply whether you are using 1/8'', 3/16'' or 1/4'' cable (1/4'' cable not recommended for wood frames).

Cable Rail

Cable Rail

Cable Rail


  • Space cables no more than 3 inches apart
  • Space posts/verticals no more than 3 feet apart
  • Observe minimum end/corner post sizes shown above
  • Securely fasten all posts and cap rails
  • Carefully plan all termination and corner posts for proper clearance, positioning, and maximum cable run lengths
  • Straight runs of cable (no turns/dips) should not exceed 70 feet; runs with corner bends (2 bends at most) should not exceed 40 feet


  • For railings we recommend spacing the cables no more than 3 inches apart and placing posts or vertical members no more than 3 feet apart.
  • Please note that since building codes vary by state, county and city, our recommendations may not comply with code requirements in all areas.
  • Always consult with your local building department before starting your project.

Step-by-Step Installation
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