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Below are some of the Bostik products we stock at FOX



Bostik 425 Multi-Purpose Acrylic Latex Admixture is a high solids acrylic emulsion designed to improve the performance of Bostik Dry Grouts as well as other products.
Product Uses:
  • Controls hydration rate (curing) of cement mortars and grouts
  • Use with thin set mortars to provide adhesion to non-masonry substrates such as plywood,waterproofing and crack isolation membranes and porcelain tile
  • Use with cement based tile grouts. Helps to ensure consistent cure results and better color development
  • Improve water resistance of grouts, thin sets and mud beds
  • Improve flexural and compressive strengths
  • Helps prevent cracking grout in wood framed structures
  • Use 425 Multi-Purpose Acrylic Latex Admixture to prepare bond coats
  • Use in jobsite prepared mortar "mud" beds


$14.99/24 oz.

Blaze Urethane Grout Haze & General Purpose Cleaners is an effective way to clean tile surfaces after installing urethane based grouts. It can be used to remove haze which may remain after urethane grout installation and, in its diluted form, is an excellent routine tile floor cleaner.

While urethane grout is typically easy to clean off the surface of most tiles, some surfaces create challenges that make it necessary to use a chemical-based cleaner to remove residual urethane film or haze. Surfaces that are more difficult to clean that will benefit from the use of Blaze include high gloss surfaces, through-body porcelains and etched/frosted glass.

Blaze is safe to use on ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine,sandstone, flagstone, masonry, concrete, metal and glass tile.

  • Effectively Removes Urethane Grout Haze
  • Excellent General Purpose Tile Cleaner
  • Compatible With All Tile Surfaces




Bostik Universal Primer is designed for use over concrete, approved plywood substrates, cement backer board, ceramic tile, marble, granite and terrazzo. It is a high solids latex primer that seals porous substrates and facilitates bond of the underlayment to the subfloor.400 - 600 sq.ft./gallon coverage depending upon the roughness of the substrate.

Do not use over existing vinyl floors or waterproofing membranes, plastic or metal surfaces. Do not apply below 50° F or over frozen surfaces. For interior use only. Do not mix with the underlayment. Do not apply over oriented strand board (OSB), particleboard, Masonite, luaun or similar unstable substrates.




Bostik UltraFinish is a fast-setting, latex-fortified, Portland cement-based patch for interior use prior to the installation of hardwood, ceramic, carpet, vinyl, or rubber flooring.

This product contains Bostik's Blockade antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew on the surface of the dried membrane; the dried membrane resists stains caused by mold.

  • Premium, latex-fortified, portland cementbased patch
  • Excellent for skim coating, patching or leveling
  • Rapid setting formulation

5lb Unsanded Grout
Unsanded/Sanded Caulk
9lb & 25lb Sanded Grout
Dimension Pre-Mixed Glass-Filled Grout
Trucolor RapidCure Pre-Mixed Grout

Wall and Backsplash Tile
Schluter Products
ARDEX Tile Mastic and Mortar
Miracle Sealants

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